Tools for Business Professionals, and Business Groups

Tools for local professionals, performance indicators for business groups

Powerful, yet simple

Inlokality works with local professionals and business groups to support local communities and small business by building simple tools that allow local businesses to succeed online.

  • A compelling and powerful reason to join the chamber.
  • A method to integrate one member’s experience and business capabilities with other members.
  • Turnkey marketing for members such as a prospect funnel, exceptional website, email marketing, location expansion customer reviews, customer database management and more.
  • An administrative dashboard to efficiently handle the primary InLokality organizational issues within a chamber.
  • KPI’s such as member growth, website hits, geographic expansion, number of prospect/customer chats, bounced emails and more.

Administration Panel

The Inlokality Administration panel allows you to manage you membership.

Performance Indicators

Gain insight into how your membership is doing.

Local Business Funnel

The Inlokality local business search engine funnels business directly to you. Using our mobile web app, you can connect with new business faster. With reviews, instant web chat, and your chosen service area, customers will recognize and engage with you faster and more effectively.

Instant Webpage

Use the turkey, automatic webpage builder to create your custom webpage with contact, reviews, services, and instant webchat with our mobile app – it really is easy.

​Web Chat

Wouldn’t you like to “talk” to potential or current customers? With your built-in web chat, you connect directly through your Inlokality mobile app.

Simple Email Marketing

Stay visible and engaged with your market through your powerful and simple turnkey email marketing campaign. Look professional online quickly and easily.

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