Business Membership Signup.

To signup for a business account first, create a basic business account. Then you have the option to create a professional account at this link. BUSINESS SIGNUP.

Fill in the required information.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Company Name
  • Current Website (If you already have one)
  • Address (It will ask for a short name. This is used as an abbreviation such as Office, Remote Location, etc.)

Verify your account with the passcode sent to your phone or email.

Add a little information about yourself.

  • Picture
  • Business Description
  • Skills (Select any skills you offer so we can match any requests to your account)
  • Select if you want your address, phone number, or email address listed on your automatic web page.

Select whether you are interested in signing up for a professional account with added features.

  • Expanded business funnel to 50 miles (we will match local searches with your profile)
  • Automatic web page builder
  • Embedded live webchat
  • Simple email marketing

Now lets set up extra features from the Business Profile page. Setting up your business profile web page.